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Sofa Agreement In Italy

If you are sponsored by an order and you are listed in your spouse`s orders, you are here under « SOFA Protected Status ». Therefore, you must follow the instructions above to become an ordinary resident and renounce the « sofa-protected » status. However, working as an ordinary inhabitant can disqualify a person from future U.S. government jobs in Italy. Before accepting this job in the economy or starting your own business, you should know that it can be illegal in Italy. Those who, as ordinary inhabitants, get a job in the Italian economy are not entitled to « sofa protected » privileges, including purchases at the postal exchange and the commissioner, sending mail through the military postal system, driving vehicles registered by SETAF and buying gas vouchers. They are also responsible for any additional expenses incurred by ordinary Italian residents, such as. Β the payment of Italian income tax and the payment of contributions to the Italian social security system. U.S. military personnel, civilian government employees, contractors, and their relatives live there in accordance with the NATO Status of The Armed Forces Agreement (SOFA).

By order, U.S. military personnel do not need a passport or visa to enter Italy and stay in Italy. Unfortunately, the restrictions on the use of SOFA apply to both companies established in Italy and companies established in the United States. Therefore, if you get benefits from the work done during your stay in Italy, even on your computer for a company established in the United States, Italian law requires that you have a valid work visa and a valid work permit. Activities such as baking cakes or dyeing hair would not be considered a « profitable business » as long as the reimbursement was limited to the cost of deliveries. However, it is important to note that any « donations » or other payments for your time, work or expertise are considered earnings and require a valid Italian work visa and authorization. For more information or for specific advice, please contact the Vicenza Legal Assistance Office in Building 166 in Caserma Ederle. Or call DSN 637-8834, Comm. 0444-61-8834 year. VICENZA, Italy — You now live in Italy and are looking for ways to earn extra money and improve your business capabilities. If you earn from the work you do during your stay in Italy, Italian law requires you to have a valid work visa and a valid work permit.

In addition, the use of the U.S. Post for home stores is not allowed. Those who opt for an Italian work visa and an Italian work permit declare to the Italian government that you wish to be considered an ordinary resident of Italy. One cannot have both the status of habitual residence and « PROTECTED SOFA » status. However, civilian employees of the U.S. government and all family members who are not citizens of the European Union must have a visa and a Soggiorno Permit mission. . . .