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Tenancy Agreement Meaning In Arabic

Starting Language: English Target Language(s): Arabic Project Details: We have a Word format rental agreement that needs to be translated from English to Arabic. The document should be formatted exactly like the original and it should be easy to keep the source formatting as the document can be fully edited. The document is a lease and has an area of 11,255 words. The translation must be completed correctly. The document must be completed by Monday 18 August at 4 p.m. BST and we would also recruit correction readers for this project, so please also apply if you can read the correction. Please confirm your best price taking into account the high volume. We have much more availability in this linguistic mating and we aim for long-term partnerships with successful candidates. Special requirements for candidates: the translator must be fast and accurate and be familiar with the terminology of the lessor and the lease. Example text (50 to 200 words): Name of the owner: —– (« we », « us », or « unser »), an industrial and provident company with public utility status.

The house that is the subject of this lease is owned by the owner, who is an Industrial & Provident Company with public utility status, registered with the Agency of Houses and Community. We pay for this job 0.06 EUR per word Who can apply: Freelancer and agencies Deadline for applications: 15.08.2014 Keep this listing permanently on the Ben Tamplin E-sense UK IP website: (N/A)* * * * * * * * Posted on Wednesday, 13 August 2014, 19:42:37 The lease is translated from English into Arabic – approximately. 11,000 words: Job 00028449 – 1) -a person who pays rent to use land, a building or a car belonging to someone else- 2) -an owner of buildings or land with any type of title 3) -any resident who lives in a place – [Synonyms]: Tenant Receive all new translation contracts in all couples by RSS (only for members) If you have the vacancy notice, on which you have been informed or seen before can not find, which means that the position has already been closed or the detachment was unacceptable. – a deed of rental or accommodation – [Synonyms]: Occupation If you notice here a non-payer or fraud, please let the translators of our forum know. – حَاصِل عَلََתתححاِِ׬׬׬תתَתحئِِ׬תََת ، سك Palestinian Palestinian ، ُتََلِّك،،¤َِه¦ّ،¤َََّڄََِهكك،،ََِِّ ∙ðستَأجِر ،ُسڎَكرڂيِي ، يُكتَرِي ،َزيني Get job notifications 8 hours earlier than non-members! Contact more than 6,000 potential customers! (Free for members) – اُزَارَعَة ، عَُاقاة ، اُشَاَـَة – اِستِئجا، ،ا،ا،ِجَارَة ، إيجار. . . .