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Website License Agreements

Fees – What does the licensee have to pay to the licensor? Can the donor vary the royalties? 1. DEFINITIONS. « Analysis Server » means a single physical computer on which you install and run all configuration, monitoring, or user interface components of the software. « Base License » means the certificate granted to you under paragraph 2 below for the right to enter (i) the number of page views when you licensed the WebTrends Analytics software and (ii) load the number of events when you have licensed authorized software based on the number of events. « Client PCs » means your PCs, including desktops and laptops. « Customer Site » means the sites, applications or devices owned or controlled by you and for which you wish to use the Software to generate usage, analytics and marketing data. « Delivery Date » means the date on which the Software license key is delivered to you electronically. « Distributed Architecture » means the use of the Software in a single system database for one or more Analysis Servers and/or one or more SmartSource Servers to run various components of the Software. The configuration of the distributed architecture must meet the requirements then in effect for the software contained in the documentation or any other written material provided to you by Webtrends. « Documentation » means the user documentation published by Webtrends and made available to you as part of your license to the Software and includes documentation relating to the system requirements for Webtrends. « Event »: the unit of measurement for the use of visitor data Mart and Webtrends Score software and any other software permitted by web trends under this Agreement and whose use is measured by events. Event means the continuation and loading of certain visitor activities and transactions, as defined by you.

Events may include online events such as campaign events, product display events, purchase events, search events, content group events, page transfer events, scenario events, shopping cart events, and other custom events, all tracked and loaded by the software and transferred to the Visitor Mart database. « Event Authorization » means the total number of events you can load into the Visitor Mart database over lifetime based on the number of events you acquired with the base license and any subsequent product add-ons….